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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mini Book Necklace

Mini Book Necklace

Today's book related craft is a Mini Book Necklace.
The link below gives step-by-step directions on how to make the necklace pictured above.

Go check it out.

I haven't tried this craft out yet but I can't wait until I get some free time to try it, this looks like a perfect little gift for that certain book lover out there.

Happy Crafting
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Story of Alexis Rose

The Story of Alexis Rose

New Looks and New Titles


Book One
Barely Alive

Buy it now on Amazon:

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Book Two
Running Scared

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Book Three
Dead End

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Books One-Three
The Complete Story of Alexis Rose

Get the whole story on Amazon:

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Go check these books out or one of my many others.

Thanks for reading.
Raven K. Asher

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Update 12/29/14

Weekly Update

I know I've been absent for the last few weeks but its okay I'm still alive and I've somehow managed to pull myself from the mountain of toys my kids got for Christmas.
I also had the luck to finish my book "Bound" and I've already started on the edits.
Before Christmas hit I edited "Alone" It is now ready to be released when February comes.
These past few weeks have been crazy but I'm ready to hop back on this train and ride it through to next year.
This coming year has me so excited.
Being ahead in my writing I may actually have some time to sit back and relax a little bit this year.
Being able to release on actual release dates is a huge bonus as well.
So, anyway I would like to set myself a goal this week to add 5,000 words to my story "The Captured Angel" This story still has a long way to go but now that I've finished "Bound" it should be easier to focus on.
Next, I want to set a goal of 2,000 words for my story "A Touch of Frost." I'm already pretty far in this story and it might just shove the above story aside but I'd love to add a bit more to this so this will also be ready to release ahead of time.

Happy Writing
Raven K. Asher

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Update 12/8

Weekly Update 12/ 8

      Alright, today's weekly update is going to be short and sweet. I didn't nearly get the word count I wanted and sadly I only reached one of my goals, but I did go above and beyond it.

      For my story "Bound" I had set the goal of 8,000 words and I ended up with 9,965 words written. That's nearly 2,000 words over my goal. I couldn't be more excited since this places me that much closer to finishing book one in the series.

      For "The Captured Angel" I didn't write a single word, which trust me I want to kick my butt for. I hate not getting any progress even if its only a few words.

      I also didn't write anything for "A Touch of Frost", another kick to my butt.

      But what I did get done was lots of editing. Due to an injury to my wrist earlier in the week this was all I could really do, so I guess it wasn't all bad. Writing for long periods of time just aggravated the injury so all I could do was small bursts which is great when editing.

      For this week I am hoping that the injury won't hinder me, but I think I will be keeping my goals down low just so that I don't cause myself anymore undue problems.

      God only knows how much it killed me to take an entire day off.

      I didn't even know what to do with myself.

      So, this weeks goals are going to be, for Bound I would like to add 5,000 words. For A Touch of Frost I'd like to add 2,000 words, and for The Captured Angel, I would like to add 1,000 words.

      Ideally, I would love to go above any beyond these goals this week and I really hope I do, but again I don't want to set myself up to fail. That's not what any of this is about. I want to give myself that sense of accomplishment not bring myself down.

     That's the reason for goals, to build yourself up. And to give yourself something to be proud of for the week. Throw yourself a mini party for going that extra length. It's about the fun and challenge of getting to those goals. That's what makes me happiest.

     And that's why I encourage every writer to make goals for themselves, whether its public like mine or written down in a secret little black book, make goals and then break them.


Happy Writing.
Raven K. Asher

Friday, December 5, 2014

Teaser for "Alone"


**Coming February 2nd, 2015**

(This small teaser is from Gale's point of view)


I couldn't believe my eyes.
She had just run off without a word.
Glancing over at my brother with shock he shakes his head. “Well, what do we do now?”
“We run after her. She has to know of somewhere safe to hide.” He sighs.
I nod and head off in the direction the girl had taken.
Thankfully, it doesn't take us long to catch up to her.
Glancing back she lets out a low growl before speeding up. It was almost like she was trying to leave us behind, to lose us.
And I couldn't even begin to wonder why.
I run up next to her as I fight to keep her pace. “Where are we running to?”
She says nothing.
Suddenly, she stops in the middle of the woods and reaches down to life a hatch that we had just run over.
Looking towards me she groans and then motions for all of us to go down into the dark hole.
Glancing towards Evan he shrugs before heading down the ladder with Abby and Alice following.
Quickly following, the girl steps onto the ladder and stays at the top securing some sort of lock as we all descend down to the dark bottom.
Abby clutches my arm tightly in the dark as we all huddle together staring up at the one who had saved us.
Once a loud click echoes through the hole she slides down the ladder like a fireman on a pole.
Her eyes lock with mine with hatred once she reaches the bottom.

“Thank you.”I whisper trying to calm her.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Touch of Frost "Teaser"


A Touch of Frost



It was the first spring of my sixth birthday and mamma had brought me out to my aunt Ester’s garden to roam through the newly sprouted buds.
Happily, I skipped through the long winding paths.
I longed to take off my special gloves to touch the new green leaves, but even at this age I knew better.
Any plant would instantly freeze and die at my touch.
It made me sad as a child but mamma always told me it was gift that in time I would learn to control and love.
No one ever warned me of the trouble it would get me into over the next few years of my life.
Skipping along with my long braids of blonde hair tapping my back I reached the edge of the garden where to my surprise was one single flower already in full bloom.
It was a sight to my young eyes.
The blue center called to me as my fingers ached to touch the lighter blue petals.
Leaning in I closed my eyes as the sweet perfume overtook my senses.
And before my young mind could grasp what was happening I had already taken off my gloves and touched the petals.
But instead of that flower shriveling and dying it grew.
From the center a bright light shone as a song unfamiliar to me softly floated by my little ears.
It called me to walk forward, which I did.
For a moment I hesitated thinking what trouble this would get me into with mamma, but the soft welcoming voice pulled me in.
With a bright flash I was transported to a whole new world, one with vibrant colors.
My young eyes took as much of it in as I could saving every detail for later.
Touching the long green grass around me I laugh as it covers in a thin layer of frost but doesn't wither and die like normal plants do.
This world felt like home to me.
I don’t know how I knew that at just six years of age but I felt it in my heart.
“Who are you, little one?” A man suddenly asks as he appears before me.
I take him in, his soft blue eyes and his long golden blonde hair like mine.
He kneels before me holding out his hand.
My little hand, shakes in fear as I go to place it in his. “My mamma calls me Snow.”
The man searches the surrounding area and that’s when I notice his pointed ears before he turns his attention back to me. “Where is your mamma, little one?”
I look around and shrug. “I don’t know.”
Abruptly I’m pulled back and the scene before me fades until I’m back in my aunt’s garden in my mamma’s arms staring up at the dark clouds in the spring sky.
“God’s I hope he didn't find her.” Mamma pleads softly.
“You need to take her far away and hide, Nancy. You need to make sure she never remembers this place.” My aunt states as he hand cups my chubby little cheek.
I smile at her as the world around me fades to black and all my memories of the man in the field fade into nothing.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Break Time (Origami Christmas Tree)

Origami Christmas Tree

For today's little project I picked the Origami Christmas Tree. I thought it would be a neat idea since the holidays are so near.
I have a little confession to make on this little project though.
I could not finish it.
Be it the frustration I encountered or just lack of patience, I don't know what the leading cause was but the tree ended up a ball of paper in the trash. (But more than likely it was probably the terrible instructions I had found unfortunately)
Anyway, I welcome you to try it, hopefully with better results than I had.

Note: The instruction link below is much clearer than the one I used, so this should be easier to craft using the link below.

(The picture above is from where they also have instructions for this craft)


Good Luck.
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cover reveal for "Bound"

Cover Reveal for

Book One
The Onyx Wolves Series

Here's the cover for my upcoming book called "Bound".
Don't you just love it? I know I do.
I'm nearly finished writing this story so I will be releasing the release date soon.
(Now, say that three times really fast)
I'm hoping to have this out sometime this spring, but I've got my plate full at the moment with so many other projects. I'm almost to the point of being overwhelmed and before long I'm going to have to take a step back and relax. 
Hopefully, if I plan things out well enough though it won't be too long of a wait until it's released.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Update 12/1

Weekly Update 12/1

      It's Monday morning and I'm tired, for some reason my mind just wouldn't shut down and let me sleep, but I wanted to share my past weeks success.

     With the holidays in full swing I really didn't think I would reach any of the goals I had set, but by some cosmic aligned luck I met them all, but just barely.

      The goal I set for "Bound" was 5,000 words which wasn't different from the previous weeks goal. I did achieve 6,557 words. This was the one instance I did get to write more than I expected.

      My goal for "A Touch of Frost" was 3,000 words, which was a thousand more words then the previous week. Let me just say that was a difficult goal to reach, I just barely got there with 3,356 words.

     My goal for "The Captured Angel" was 2,000 words, which was the hardest of all the goals to reach. I barely made my goal. It took a good portion of last night to get it done, but I'm happy to say that I did it. I wrote 2,478 words, another big hurdle in getting this book finished.

    Reaching these goals has been quite stressful but in the end I'm glad I've started this little project. It's not only made me work a bit harder but it's also giving me a chance to see how my week progresses.

     My weeks word count was actually up a few hundred words this week, believe it or not, at 12, 391 words written total.

     (Can I get a round of applause.)

     So, now that I've gotten all the dirty work done its time to set some new goals for the week. And this is the worst thing to do on a Monday morning when I'm so tired and desperately in need of a nap, but here it goes.

     For "Bound" I'm going to up the goal to 8,000 for the week. Since this story is so close to being finished I'm going to place my full attention towards it so I can finish and place my attention to the next project that's close to being done.

     For "A Touch of Frost" I'm going to stick with my 2,000 word goal.

     For "A Captured Angel" I'm going to make the goal 1,000 words, which I hopefully with go above and beyond, at least that's my dream, but we will see how that goes.

     Now, that those are all laid out, and I'm sure to regret these after my nap, I'm back off to bed for a little while before I need to pick the kiddo from school.


Happy Writing.
Raven K. Asher

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Freebie

Black Friday Freebie

Eden One, Episode One

(Get it today, Free, on Amazon)

Today Only!!

What do we do when the world as we know it ends?
What will we do to survive?
Only we can decide the answers to those questions.

Now, fast forward 237 years into the future.

Earth is no longer livable, and only seven space stations hold the keys to our future.
Each station has its own special reasons, and each has a certain group that will be able to travel to any new planets they find and begin life anew.
The stations consist of the farmers, the engineers, the scientists, the breeders, the doctors, the military, and the alphas, or also known as the future leaders.
Mackenzie was lucky enough to be born on the military station, and  is quickly following in her father’s footsteps to becoming a leader of her very own squad, a squad that would someday be sent down to a whole new world.
They were the future.
As their future soon becomes reality Mackenzie and her team are tested to their limits. Mackenzie has to choose whether her lifelong enemy, Killian, will become their Alpha as her and her team are chosen to finally start a new life.
But when her old flame shows up out of nowhere will she be able to choose?
She has to fight her emotions and do what's best for everyone, but will it be enough?
Will it keep them all alive when they finally reach the ground?


Thanks for Reading
Raven K. Asher

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I know this day is a day to give thanks for all of things we have and I'd like to give thanks for my awesome little family, I don't know where I'd be without my husband or my two wonderful little kiddos. 
I'm also thankful for the opportunity that I've been given to follow one of my biggest dreams, writing. Ever since I was a child I had a passion for storytelling and to have the chance to actually sit down and put words to pages is a dream come true.

We should all give thanks on this day and also say a little prayer as we sit around our tables and enjoy our families and food for there are many who are not as fortunate as others. And there are many who are serving in our military who cannot make it home for the holidays, so don't forget to say an extra thanks for them as you enjoy your day.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Break Time (Origami Modular 5-Point Star)

Origami Modular 5-Point Star

Alright, so I did this and I have to be honest I will probably never tackle this one again. (I'm just not that good at this stuff early in the morning, I guess.) Anyway, this took way too much time too. Nearly an hour.
But if you wanna give it a try please have at it.

I found step-by-step instructions here:

(I love how the link states "easy")
It was far from easy, especially with the thicker book paper, it probably wouldn't have been so bad with thinner paper.

Here's a picture of my finished project. 

While it's good for my first try I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it drives me crazy that I didn't get it perfect on the first try.
But I'm moving on.
This is a cute idea if you want to make it a bit smaller than I did for Christmas tree ornaments.

I may (big on the maybe) try this again but with unused pieces of wrapping paper, I think that would be worth a try. If I do try it I'll post pics.

Good Luck!!


Have a great day.

Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cover Reveal "A Touch of Frost"

"A Touch of Frost"
Cover Reveal

I couldn't wait any longer to share this cover. It' honestly the best work I think I've done cover wise and I couldn't be any happier with the way it turned out. Again, this is one of the many things in the process of writing and self-publishing that I'm growing in. I've also decided on a title for the series which I decided to keep simple. "The Winter Fae"

Hope you all enjoy the cover.

Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Break Time (The Origami Heart book marker)

Craft Time

Time to step away from that laptop.
Come on, I know you can do it.
Just step away and take a deep breath.
Now, relax and take a break.

As a full time writer I can get lost in my work and sometimes it's hard to just step away for a moment so I've come up with some small crafts to take my mind away from work for just a little while.
These crafts I'll share with you are all book related and will only take a small amount of time to accomplish so we can all get back to what we do best.

The first craft I would love to share with everyone is the Origami heart, corner book marker.

Embedded image permalink

This is my finished product made from a page from a book that unfortunately met its end with a cup of coffee. I couldn't just throw it away so I've been searching for new ways to give it life again.

You can use pretty much any kind of paper to create these, so get creative.

This book mark only took me about 15 minutes to create.

Here's the link I used for instructions for this little project. It gives an easy step-by-step video of how to create this book mark.


Here are step-by-step instructions.
(This works best if your using a paper with a pattern on one side and plain on the other.)

These steps can be found with pictures at the link below.

Step 1
Cut out your patterned square from the printout (6 in x 6 in). Fold diagonally in half in both directions. When you open it out flat there should be a cross of creases. With the pattern triangle furthest from you, fold in half with the white side up. Fold flat again.

Step 2
Push in the sides of the square so that you are left with a smaller triangular shape. The patterned area should be at the back.
Step 3
Fold the small patterned triangles at the front in towards the center and back out again.

Step 4
Now fold them in on themselves so that all the patterned area is hidden.

Step 5
Fold this top flap up towards the top and flatten out the patterned area inside.

Step 6
Now fold the flap back down again.

Step 7
Fold the bottom half of the flap towards the crease line.

Step 8
Snip from the edge to the crease line, following the cut already there. Do not cut through the pattered triangle at the back.
(This step is slightly different than the one in the video)

Step 9
Fold the corners of each of the tabs in towards the middle to create two points.

Step 10
Then, fold the points upwards. Turn the flap over and voilĂ ! A heart-shaped bookmark!

Tip: To turn the bookmark into a heart shape, turn the bookmark over and fold the ends of the triangle in towards the inside of the opening – it should now look like a square.


Alright, now that break time is over you can get back to work with a smile on your face knowing that you just created an awesome book marker.

Feel free to share your creations and how they turned out.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting to know a Character

Character Questionnaire

Here are some great questions to ask yourself while developing a character for your story, or just to get a better feel for your characters.
These are just some of the questions I use for every one of my characters, whether they are the main character or just a minor one, these questions can help make the character feel more 3 dimensional.
There are many more questions you can ask to also make your character come to life, and there are tons of blogs and topics covering these kind of questions online, but these are the basics that I've plucked out to use for myself.

1.) What's your characters name?

2.) Does your character have a nickname?

3.) What's your characters hair color?

4.) Eye color?

5.) What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have? Does your character have a birthmark? Where is it? What about scars? How did he get them?

6.) Where was your character born? Where has she lived since then? Where do they call home?

7.) Who are your characters friends? Who does she surround herself with? Who are the people your character is closest to? Who do they wish they were closest to?

8.) Where does your character go when they are angry? How easily do they become angry? What makes your character sad? What makes them happy?

9.) What is their biggest fear? Why are they afraid?

10.) What's your characters most treasured possession? What is the one thing your character couldn't live without?

11.) What makes your character laugh out loud? What makes them cry?

12.) Does your character have a secret? Why don't they want anyone to know it?

13.) Has your character been in love? Had a broken heart?

14.) Does your character have any siblings? How many? Brothers? Sisters?

15.) What kind of relationship does your character have with their siblings?

Ask yourself these questions and watch as your character slowly comes alive. Watch them grow and add your own personal questions to the mix to add even more layers to your characters.
Don't be afraid to dive deeper and ask more personal questions, don't be afraid to pry into their lives to understand them better.
The deeper you dive the better you will know how a character will react in different situations. Will they run away from conflict or will they dive right into it and solve the problem. 

I hope you find some of these questions helpful. Like I said earlier there are some really awesome blogs and sites that share even more ways to question your characters and add more questions to your questionnaire.
Use your imagination and let your characters be unleashed. Have fun doing it, that's the most important part, have fun.

Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My First Year

My First Year

It's been a year now since I first took that leap into the world of writing, and I wouldn't change anything I've experienced for the world. It's been a roller-coaster ride of learning, but I as an author have grown leaps and bounds.
I was an emotion mess when I placed that first book for sale on Amazon. I remember not sleeping at all that first night that it went live. 
And I'll admit I cried when it didn't sell at first.
Then that first sale came and I jumped for joy, and then that first amazing 5-star review came from that first stranger who enjoyed my story.
I mean, that is an overwhelming joy to feel. It's the best feeling in the world, you're on cloud nine that someone out there really liked what you wrote.
Someone was awesome enough to leave a review even.
Then that dreaded bad review comes, you always expect it but never really expect it to just show up one day.
That's the day you question everything you've done.
You ask yourself do I really want to continue writing?
That was the point I almost gave up, and again I cried, oh did I cry.
The next day though I re-read that review, and then I read it again.
And guess what, I learned from it.
And that was the first step to becoming a better writer, a stronger writer.
I learned from my mistakes and I went back to fix those mistakes.
My books grew as I did.
Now a year later, I look back and wonder how I made it this far, but then I think and wonder why I ever wanted to quit in the first place.
I love writing, I love this job, and right now I'm happy with what I'm doing and that's what matters most.
Am I still learning? Yes, and if I said I wasn't I wouldn't be a good writer.
I would be lying to myself and I would be doing a great injustice to my readers.
As a writer you should be constantly learning, refining your craft.
I hope to learn more every single year, day, and hour, after this first year. I can't wait to see how far this next year will take me, and I can already say I'm excited to see what I will accomplish.

Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Release Date for "Alone"

"Alone" Release Date

Is going to be on February 2nd, 2015

Alone is going to be book one of  the Among the Dead Trilogy.

I'm choosing to wait to release this until February since that was the very same day that my first post-apocalyptic series was released and I thought that this would be a cool way to celebrate that.

It's even better since this is also another post-apocalyptic series

I know it's a long time to wait considering I just announced that I had finished writing the story but I have so many new stories on my plate at the moment that editing has gotten placed on a back burner for now.

Setting this date will give me more time to work on these other projects and will give me more than enough time to edit and refine the story before it is released, not to mention allow me to get through the holiday season without too much stress.

I will be giving sneak peeks and insights into the story over the next few months though so you'll get some ideas of what to expect.

Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Five Inspirational Quotes for Writers

Five Inspirational Quotes for Writers

"If we don't risk it all, we may as well not write at all."
- Anne Stuart

"And what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right."
- Ray Bradbury

"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."
- Louis L'Amour

"A one-page breakthrough starts an avalanche."
- Nancy K. Haddock

"There is no perfect time to write. There is only now."
- Barbara Kingsolver

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alone "Teaser"


(This story is told from two different point of views, River and Gale)

"Below is a blurb from Gale's point of view"

Stepping out of my jeep as the final infected falls dead to the ground I search for the girl that had just ran right in front of me.
My brother, Evan, exits the jeep along with the two sisters, Abby and Alice, which we had just found a few days before.
“Where did she go?”He questions.
I shake my head as I search for her, or the five infected chasing after her.
I was really hoping that they hadn't caught her.
“I don’t know.”
“Do you think she ran into the trees?” Abby questions while coming up beside me.
Looking in that direction I nod.
She had to have gone into the woods.
Reaching back into the jeep I produce another hand gun with an extra clip and my favorite shotgun.
I was determined to find the girl.
I couldn't leave until I knew whether or not she had gotten away.
So few people had survived the first wave of infected, most died days after being infected, they were the lucky ones.
Some turned into the savage infected that roamed the deserted streets for a meal.
And some, like my brother and I, were immune to the virus that had taken over. Both of us had been bitten within those first days, and both of us were lucky enough to survive.
Those that were left were few and far between, numbering less than a few thousand for the entire continent of North America.
The odds of surviving were against us since the infected far outnumbered the still living.
If I could help at least one survivor out, I would.
And right now she needed my help.
“You’re not seriously going after her are you, Gale?” Alice questions.
“I am. I would have done the same for you and your sister. I have to at least try to save her from being eaten alive.”I state as I glance over to my brother who nods as he reaches for his weapons.
I knew he would have my back no matter what.
“Did you even see that girl? She looked as savage as the beasts chasing her.”Abby whines grating on my nerves for the last time.
It had been nonstop since we had picked them up.
The sisters wanted to sit around and do nothing while my brother and I waited on them hand and foot.
I was tired of it and their selfishness.
“I’m going. I don’t care what you do.”I nearly growl out.
“But who’s going to protect us if the infected come back?”She whines.
I scrub my hand over my face feeling as if I was wasting precious time with her.
She had no concept of life and death.
Just as I open my mouth to say something that I knew would have been nothing less than vicious my brother steps up to my other side and places his hand on my shoulder.
“I’ll hang back here with the princesses. If you need any help just yell and I’ll be right behind you, okay?”
“Alright, I’ll try to hurry.” I walk away. “Make sure you keep an eye on the road.”
The road was a dangerous place to be stopped, but on the road we were on I didn't worry so much about having someone else run into us.
Out of the other people that we had run across that weren't infected less than half had been friendly, the others were dangerous, ruthless, and deadly.
My brother and I had barely escaped some of those people.
Heading into the trees I only hoped I wasn't going to encounter more than I bargained for.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Random Tips for Writers

5 Random Tips for Writers

Five tips I've come up with for writers, or at least five of my favorite tips that I've learned really quickly in my career as a writer. They are tips that I believe every writer should know and follow.

1.) Do not under any circumstance every contact or react to a negative review in any way. I had to put this one first because I've witnessed so many new writers and some older, fail to stick to this tip/ unspoken rule. Trust me it only ends with you looking bad. Now, you might be tempted to want to tell that person off because you feel it was an unjust review, but it's best just to laugh it off and go on with your day. (My little secret to get past those kind of reviews is to dissect it, laugh about it ,and when possible learn from it.)

2.) When the world seems against you keep on writing. We've all had those days where you stop and ask yourself "do I really want to do this, do I still want to be a writer?" To get past those days you just have to look deep inside yourself and ask "do I love writing, is it something worth giving up?". For most of us writers the answers to those questions are yes and no. We love writing above all else and even if no one else sees our writings it's still important to us. So, just keep on writing if that's what your heart desires. Don't give up on your dreams just because one day (or many days in some cases) seem like the worst day of your writing career.

3.) Never judge yourself to someone else's works. If you do this you're just building yourself up to fail. No two works will ever be the same, and you can't hold yourself up next to someone who has worked hard to get where they are. You need to learn that it takes time, patience, and lots of hard work to get where most of these other authors are. And while sometimes it seems like some just have a natural talent and they rise quickly, it doesn't mean your not good, it just means you have to work that much harder.

4.) Take some "me" time. This applies to those of us who can't seem to put the laptop away and live life. I've failed at following this rule and I've had a few mini break downs because of it. It's all been in the name of needing to get a story out. Yes, it's hard to sometimes take a day off, especially when a release date is nearing, but in the long run a day off, an hour here or there, will work wonders. You and your mind will work better with a little rest and distance from a story. Don't be afraid to step back and watch a little TV, or read a book. (Heck, take a relaxing bubble bath with some fine wine.)

5.) You can't please everyone. Simply said, but yet hard words to take in. No one is going to make something everyone will love. No matter how hard you try you will fail at this. There is always going to be that one person who will hate it. They will despise it so much that yes they will leave you that nasty little review. (Now, refer back to tip #1) The ones who love it will hopefully also leave a review,  but it's more likely that you'll get the bad before the good in many cases. Like I said before laugh it off, or better yet don't read them. When writing you do it for yourself, do what makes you happy, write what you love.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Writing Playlist

My Writing Playlist

I've come up with a list of the songs that I listen to while writing my books. The list is a bit short considering I sometimes find myself placing one song on repeat for the entire time I'm writing. I have a wide range of songs that I use and I'm always looking for that next song to spark my imagination. The weekly free singles are my favorite place to find new songs every week along with others I hear on TV shows or just some from back when I was still in high school.

All Time Low - Lost In Stereo

Avril Lavigne - What the Hell

Avril Lavigne - Forgotten

Awolnation - Sail

Banks - Begging For Thread

Breaking Benjamin - Follow

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous

Carrie Underwood - Blown Away

Conner Youngblood - Monsters

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine

Death Cab for Cutie - Summer Skin

Dev - In the Dark

Digital Daggers - Aquarius

Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Digital Daggers - Out of My Head

Digital Daggers - Bad Intentions

Evanescence - The Change

Evanescence - My Immortal

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

Fitz & The Tantrums - Break the Walls

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out

Laura Welsh - Break the Fall

Lorde - 400 Lux

Lorde - Glory and Gore

Lorde - A World Alone

Lorde - The Love Club

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

MisterWives - Vagabond

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Phantogram - Nothing But Trouble

sElf - Runaway

Sia - Elastic Heart

Skylar Grey - Coming Home, Pt. II 

Skylar Grey - Invisible 

Tove Lo - Got Love

Volbeat - Fallen

Volbeat - A Better Believer 

Volbeat - 7 Shots


Thanks for Reading
Raven K. Asher

Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Quotes to help you write

10 Quotes to help you write.

Here are ten of my favorite quotes that I find myself repeating over and over while I write.


"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader."  
- Robert Frost


"I am the commander of these words. I am the king of the story. I am the god of the place. I am a writer, and I will finish the shit that I start. Amen."
- Unknown


"You are a writer. Own it. You are a writer. Claim it. You are a writer. Believe it."
- The Reluctant Sojourner


"Don't be a 'writer'. Be writing."
- William Faulkner


"The faster I write the better my output. If I am going slow, I'm in trouble. It means I am pushing the words instead of being pulled by them."
- Raymond Chandler


"Everyone who tells me they don't have time to write, I just say, 'One scene a night for three months, and you'll have a movie - you can even use the weekends'. It's possible to be a writer if you want to be a writer, even without all the time in the world..."
- Bruce Joel Rubin


"Novels begin not on the page, but in meditation and daydreaming - in thinking, not writing."
- Joyce Carol Oates


"Three words for a writer: Make me care."
- Buffy Andrews


"A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it."
- Samuel Johnson


"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual."
- Ernest Hemingway


Thanks for Reading
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When Worlds Collide & Stars Align

When Worlds Collide and Stars Align

My name is Phoenix.
I’m your average kind of girl, long brown hair, medium height, and large brown doe eyes.
Yeah, yeah, I know you’re thinking to yourself that there’s nothing special about me, right?
I’m currently living in space on a far off, unknown planet with my ex- boyfriend and his best friend.
What I really find strange is all of the planets and creatures out here.
Think of every myth and legend that you've heard of as a kid.
Now, erase that because they aren't so much actually myths or legends, they are very real.
Angels and Demons are an everyday occurrence.
Instead of heaven and hell they have their own planets, their own worlds and that is just the surface that I have scratched.
And if you think things can’t get much stranger, you’re wrong again.
Thanks to my bond with my intended mate being broken I now have a split personality, and that my evil side wants to kill everyone around me.
Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that I’m also in love with my dead mate’s brother.
Yeah, I know it sounds like a crazy story, but it’s all true.
 Who would have thought that on my eighteenth birthday that I’d be kidnapped and taken away from the only home I ever knew.
I really miss Earth and my family, but over the past few months I've come to find that home is where you make it, and that love will pop up in the most unexpected places.
Even though I’m millions, if not billions of miles from home I’m learning to live this life I've been thrown into. I’m going where few have ever even dreamed of going.
And there is so much more that I have yet to learn.
I am Phoenix Mason, and this is my story.


Info about Book:
Categories: Angels, Demons, Worlds, Aliens, Romance, Drama, Science Fiction
Roughly 261 pages, 51,171 words

*** Intended for Mature Audiences ***
Contains Mild Sexual Scenes and Some Adult Situations


Available for purchase at the links below.

Amazon: $0.99

Barnes&Noble: $0.99

Smashwords: $0.99


Thank You for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Writing Eden One

1 Day Left!!

The Writing of Eden One
(Into the writer's mind)

     First off, let me admit that Eden One came to me as just a title first. I randomly generated the title and absolutely couldn't get it out of my mind. (I do that quite often)

     Days went by as I mulled over what I wanted to write.

     It wasn't until I talked to my husband that I decided to write, Eden One, about space, (we both love movies about space) but then the next thing was what I wanted the story to be about. I knew I wanted to write a novella series and I thought this would be perfect time to try my hand at it.

     So, it went from there, but I still wasn't sure what to do. That is until I woke up from a dream, a bizarre dream, but the beginning dream that breathed life into Eden One.

     From there, I came up with a background story by just imagining what life would be like in the future, or at least what I hope life will be. I imagined us exploring space and planets. (I'm a firm believer in space exploration, and the need to expand ourselves into the universe)

     With that, I just dreamed of what life could be like living on a space station and what life would be like on a random planets, and the ideas just kept rolling from my fingertips.

     This story has really taken on its own personality and life as I explore more into the world I've created in my mind. I mean, it's awesome to be able to create and entire world on your own. I can make anything anyway I want.

     That's he best part about being a writer.

     I get to explore my own mind every day.

     And trust me my mind can sometimes be jumbled full of different worlds just screaming to get out. Eden One is by far my favorite world that I've created though. And even after season one ends I plan on taking the series farther.

     There is so much more to explore and other characters I want to create. My plan is to explore the other space stations, and follow a new set of characters each season.

     There are so many plans, but not enough hours in the day to write. One of the many writer woes. But I wouldn't trade this career for anything, it's been a dream come true.

Thanks for Reading
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eden One, Character List Part 2.

Just 3 more Days!!!
I am getting so excited.

Here is a continuation of the character list that I started Monday.
These characters are all native to Eden One.

Fox - aka. Duine King
Fox is the second Duine she encounters but the one she can't seem to get over. He also shares a strange bond with her old flame Cash that resulted from the previous time Cash had escaped Eden One. Fox is a one-of-a-kind fire Duine who can manipulate fire in many different ways.

Ash - aka. Plant Duine
Ash is a healer and a Duine that can manipulate plants and nature. He is a right hand man to Fox and is often a voice of reason for all.

Riker - aka. Water Duine
Riker is a big part of the beginning even though you wont know it, i'll leave that all a a bit of a surprise. But he does fall for Kenzie and he does anything he can to keep her safe.

Dax - aka. Gealtach Hunter, Catcher
Dax is one of the dark beings on Eden One. He is feared by the Duine as a bringer of death. When sent on a mission with his two brothers he's surprised when a little human makes him second guess his entire career as a hunter.

Jett - aka. Gealtach Hunter, Leader
One of Dax's brothers, also their leader.

Nixon - aka. Gealtach Hunter, Tracker
Nixon is another of Dax's brothers, and their tracker when on hunts.

Shade - aka. Gealtach Hunter
Shade is a hunter sent after Kenzie and her group to bring her back to Aden but his loyalties lie with the highest bidder.

Other minor characters
Mira - Plant Duine, and Ash's sister
Ella - Duine princess

I know there are other characters I haven't listed yet and there are more to come so I'll post another character list in a few weeks as I end this series.