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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teaser Tuesday!! When Tomorrow Never Comes

When Tomorrow Never Comes

Snow cascades down around me as I stand still, silent, as a soft hickory casket is slowly lowered into the cold hard ground.
A single white flake falls onto my eye lash.
It doesn’t distract me from watching as my heart disappears from sight.
He was gone forever.
I would never hear the soft sound of his infectious laughter and
I would no longer feel the warmth of his breath fan over my cheek.
I felt so alone.
When the casket gently hits the bottom of the hole with a soft thud members of his family begin to step forward to grab a small handful of soil to toss into the hole.
I watch as they all file past with tears rolling down their reddened cheeks.
His mother stops next to me for a moment with her head bowed as her frail hand reaches out to gently touch my arm.
A moment later she continues on her way.
I hadn’t expected that much from her considering she had accused me for his death.
A dark shadow falls over me a few moments later.
I almost wish it was death coming for me, but it was someone much worse.
It was his brother.
He doesn’t make a sound as he moves to stand closer to me.
Bowing my head I force myself to stay strong in his presence. I had to stay strong no matter how much just having him next to me hurt.
It felt as if Cole was standing next to me and not Liam.
They had looked so much alike being that they had been identical twins. There were subtle differences though, ones that only someone that was close to them would see.
When he moves forward to take his turn tossing dirt into the hole I let out the breath I had been holding back in his presence.
Once he turns back around I bow my head again but not before I catch a glimpse of the hatred he held for me within his dark eyes.
Along with his mother he had blamed me.
This tragedy hadn’t been my fault though, it had been Cole’s. He had been the one falling into a pit of darkness.
It was something that I had thought I could save him from.
But in the end I couldn’t.
In the end he had left us.
He had left me with a deep hole in my heart.
               Cole had abandoned us all.


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Thanks for Reading
Raven K. Asher