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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Craft Time, Book Spine Bookmarks

Book Spine Bookmarks


These are great to use up every aspect of an old worn out book. Check out the link above for links to purchase these and for directions on how to make these yourself.

From the link above: (This is at the bottom of the page connected to the link above)
For those asking about the Book Spine Bookmarks, they're really easy to make...

I used:

· a book spine
· Heavy cardstock
· Matte gel medium for glue
· Brayer
· Eyelet
· Ribbon or tassel
Use matte gel medium to glue heavy cardstock to back of book spine
Use brayer to really flatten them together. Let dry completely.
Trim around book spine
Punch hole and set eyelet
Add ribbon or tassel

You can decorate your bookmark by stamping, ink, chalk or any sort of embellishment, just remember not to make it too 3-dimensional...and nothing that will stain your book pages!


Happy Crafting
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Craft Time, Book Birdhouse

Book Birdhouse

This is a cool little craft you can do with your children and there old books or to give those books that our children have grown out of a new life. These are so cute and you can find the instructions to build your own, just click on the links at the below. These all use golden books to create their birdhouses. I'm going to have to give this craft a try. 

Book Birdhouse

Mod Podge board book house

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Craft Time

Craft Time!!!

Here are a few new book related crafts you can try out. Links for the pages are below each image.

Happy Crafting!!

Insta-artwork! Print photos on to old book pages or newspaper. Obviously stay away from paper that has pictures already on it. This would work best with landscape or nature photos. But be creative! That’s the fun of it! You can use a regular printer just trim the paper to size. If it is thin paper you are printing on, affix it to a piece of card stock to withstand the printing process and remove once dry. Once the image is dry you can put it in a frame or decoupage it to pretty much anything with “Modge Podge” or polyurethane.



Love this one. We all know we've got lots of these paint strip samples lying around so why not put them to use as book marks.

The link for these didn't send me to a page but they look simple enough to try.
Paper punches, and ribbon. 


Happy Crafting.
Raven K. Asher

Friday, April 3, 2015

Craft Time!! Easter

Craft Time!!

Here is a great little Easter craft that's book related that you can do with you kids. Check it out!!

All you need is a toilet paper roll and some recycled book pages or newspaper to make these adorable recycled Easter bunny toilet roll candy holders craft. This is a really simple craft to do with kids of all ages. 

Follow the link for the full, step by step tutorial with pictures.


Happy Crafting.
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Goodreads Giveaway!!

Goodreads Giveaway!!!
Losing Levi

Giveaway begins April 1st, 2015 and ends April 30th, 2015.

Five (5), Signed Paperback books are going to be given away on Goodreads. Go check it out to enter for a chance to win one of these.

Link Below.

Eden Grayson is a girl who had spent her entire life on top.
She had it all, popularity, great friends, and the boyfriend that every girl wanted.
That is, until her parents split up and her father leaves Eden and her mother for another family and another life that he had made while still with her and her mother.
 Everything suddenly comes crashing down around her.
Her friends turn their backs on her and the boyfriend she thought she could count on leaves her alone.
Feeling lost and without hope for a better future Eden falls into a deep depression.
There’s only one who can save her, Levi Mackey.
As an outsider himself they quickly form a friendship that they both come to rely on.
Their strong bond quickly transforms into love, but when an unexpected tragedy splits them apart will Eden be able to survive?
How will she go on without him, she doesn't have a clue.
Eden fights her inner darkness as she mourns her loss, and with the help of her family and unexpected friends she will overcome it all.
She finds real love again.
But not before she finds herself.
And only then can she help those around her.
Eden, the truly invisible butterfly will emerge the most beautiful butterfly of all, leaving her pain and sadness behind.

“When you have those moments just think of me, call or text me when you feel weak and I will always be there for you. Nothing about this will be easy, life is hard, we just feel it more than most because our souls have been broken and are raw.” – Logan.


Goodreads Giveaway Link:


Good Luck!!
Raven K. Asher