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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New look for The Hidden Angel

New Cover and Title Reveal

I've decided to give The Hidden Angel a new look and a simpler title. It will now be known as Hidden. I stuck with the same cover photo as before but I made a simple color change. I believe it makes it a lot more eye catching than the previous cover.

I've come a long way with both my cover skills and my writing skills in the past two years as you can see from the difference in the covers.

The cover at the top will be replacing the older one but only once my editing has reached the story. It shouldn't be long until that change since I will be jumping to it as soon as I finish my edits with the Alexis Rose series. Right now I'm nearly finished with book 2 of the Alexis Rose series so it shouldn't take me long to edit my way through book 3.

I'm also  hoping that with the edit of Hidden that I might find that spark to get me to finish book 2 for The Angels Evermore series.

The cover for book 2 has also been redone to match the newer one above.

I'll post more changes once they are finalized.


Thanks for Reading :)
Raven K. Asher