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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just one of Raven's many hobbies

Here's just a few pictures that I take as a sort of hobby of mine. It's fun to get these shots, but I in no way recommend standing out in a storm like I do.

And with that said, this is where I have to tell you, DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME, or anywhere else for that matter. It's highly dangerous to be anywhere outside when storms like these hit. Lightning is a very deadly force, and should be respected.

Now, sit back and enjoy these stunning pictures of mine. They have all been taken with video and then after that I had to sort frame through frame to get these great shots. Sometimes it even takes video after video just to catch a glimpse of one shot of lightning.

The last one is one of my absolute favorites, and let me tell you, the thundering boom from that one had me running inside. Most of these were taken last night, and some are from last years storms.

I'll be taking more later on as the spring storms continue.

Enjoy : )

Please, I ask you to not to use these photos in any form, unless you ask permission from me personally. Thank you.


 Photos above are Copyright©RavenK.Asher2014