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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Craft Time!! Book Planters

Book Planters

succulent book planters

        Honestly, I kind of cringed at the thought of doing this to a book but I guess if there is one or two that have been badly damaged beyond any real use I wouldn't mind so much to try this craft out. That and it would help if I could keep a plant alive longer than a week.

        Check out the link below for instructions on how to create this nifty garden treasure.

Materials you will need: 

A thick hardback book found at a thrift store, or a book that might otherwise be discarded
Circle hole cutting attachment for drill
2 pieces of wood that are larger than the hole you will cut
Wire cutters
X-acto knife
PVA glue
Hardware cloth
Window screen
Succulent or cactus
Potting soil
Rocks (Patterson-Marx gets hers from the aquarium section in the pet store.)
Protective eyewear
Glue gun with extra glue sticks

Note: This process is very dusty and is best done outside or in a well-ventilated area.


Happy Crafting!
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coming Soon & Cover Reveal!!!

Broken, Book Two in The Onyx Wolves Series, Coming Soon!!

After Gage’s death Parker doesn’t know how she will go on. It certainly doesn’t help that her now broken bond is forcing her to relive that horrific moment over and over again.
Every time she falls asleep she’s haunted.
She stuck in a never ending loop that feels completely real, so real that at times Parker doesn’t know reality from her dreams.
That is until her dream changes and someone new pops up in Gage’s place.
He was so much like Gage, but different all the same.
Once Parker returns to reality she allows her curiosity to guide her on a path that takes her to a familiar hotel where the Hunters stayed.
There she finds the guy from her dream, Blue.
He’s everything she imagined him to be but with one major catch.
Blue is a Hunter.
Parker’s world quickly spins out of control to the point where she has a hard time telling the difference between what’s actually happened and what hasn’t.
Everything becomes clear the moment her past dream about Blue becomes reality.
Only she can save him from the gun pointed at his head.
Making a split second decision she attacks the shooter. Her attack stops Blue from being killed instantly but it doesn’t stop fate.
Parker has another decision to make. She has to decide whether or not to change Blue into a wolf in order to save his life or to just let him go.
She changes him.
But that comes with its own consequences.
Blue hates her and what he’s become.
After everything she’s been through will Parker be able to win over Blue’s heart? Will she be able to turn his hatred into love?
Better yet, will Blue be able to break the cycle that Parker has had to relive?
Only time can decide.
But time is also against them.


Thanks for Reading.
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Craft Time!!! Book Page Butterfly Garland

Book Page Butterfly Garland

Photo from Posed Perfection

This is a cuter craft to try out. It would be cute to add for a touch of summer decorating or even in a little girls room.

I myself love butterflies so when I get a little free time I'm going to try this simple craft out. For step-by-step instructions on how to create this craft follow the link above.

What you will need:
old book pages
glue gun
butterfly template


Happy Crafting
Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And that's a wrap!!

Eden One Season One New
Eden One, Season One has come to an end.
At long last Season One of Eden One is wrapping up. I released the last episode, so all 12 are now available for purchase.

This project has taken up a lot of my time so I am both excited and saddened that this season is coming to an end. From the beginning to the end the story had taken on a life of its own. The end wasn't what I had originally planned for but I love it and it will be awesome to begin the next season of Eden One through another set of eyes.

Eden One has by far been the most challenging story I have undertaken so far and I will be the first to say that it at times stressed me out to get each episode finished.
It was rough at times to sit down and figure out what was going to happen next. But then again sometimes the story would just flow from my fingertips.

Such is the writers life.

My ideas for Eden One sprang up after my husband and I watched a few of our favorite space related movies. I toyed around with the idea of creating a world and even discussed it with my husband to get his ideas on how to go about creating a space type of story. From there it grew and grew but didn't take on a life of its own until my fingers began tapping the keys of my laptop and words were put to paper.

The world of Eden One, the planet and the animals, where actually from a dream I had one night while in the planning stages. I loved the thought of a world similar to ours but with vibrant colors and unique beings.

I also enjoyed adding the little back story of how the Duine and Gealtach ended up on Eden One. That is revealed through out the beginning episodes.

The names for the Duine and Gealtach have their origins from the Irish language. The translation for Duine is Human and the translation for Gealtach is Insane.

Season Two will be in the works as a side project so I don't know when it will be released but hopefully it will be ready by 2016. There will be many new characters in season two but also the original characters will play big parts as well.

Season Two will also explore some of the other space stations mentioned in the first season. Military - Farmers - Engineers - Scientists - Breeders - Doctors - Alphas. Season one focused on the Military and Alphas and you can expect season two to look at these as well but the focus will be more on the Scientists and Breeders stations.

Exciting, right?

I know I can't wait to get started. But first I must finish a few other projects first. For insights into season two keep checking back. I'll post teasers and a cover reveal as I work on it.


Happy Writing.
Raven K. Asher