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Friday, January 22, 2016

Re-release of Eden One (In the End)

Re-release of Eden One

I have recently combined the Eden One episodes into a four book series. Book four, In the End is now available for purchase on Amazon. You can also read it for free using Amazon Unlimited.

Stuck in Aden house of horrors Kenzie is losing all hope.
She hasn’t felt anything from Dax and she hasn’t been able to reach him in any way through their connection. It’s like he had built up a brick wall.
Despair takes over.
Fear of dying in that horrid place fills her mind. But maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. It couldn’t be any worse than losing Dax altogether.
When she doesn’t think she can handle anymore Aden waltzes in with terrifying news.
Dax is dead.
It’s her worst fear confirmed. But how, how could he be dead and she’s still alive. It all becomes clear once the lies are revealed and the real truths come out.
Dax isn’t dead, far from it actually. He’s on a mission to save his mate. He was coming for her and the others.
Finally, there is hope.
But how would Dax respond to knowing that Kenzie was pregnant?
And last but not least would she have to choose between Dax and Fox again. Who would she pick, the father of her baby or the mate that had stolen her heart?

The battle had already begun but with the minor mishap of having all of his warriors spread apart Dax had no choice but to retreat and regroup.
Now that they are all back together as one he has to return. Aden must die and the compound must be destroyed.
Kenzie has her own battles going on when Dax leaves to finish what he had started. The baby was pushing primal urges.
They were also affecting Dax while he was in the middle of his battles, which makes for a dangerous combination.
The urges and emotions that Dax feels from Kenzie only drive his hatred for her child higher. He doesn’t like the fact that it isn’t his, but he wouldn’t dare tell her that.
Kenzie knows how Dax feels though, their connections doesn’t allow for secrets to be kept.
Only time will tell if Dax will come around.
Then again this could be the one thing that would split them up and force them to go their separate ways.
The future is yet to be written.

They had won the war with Aden and things seemed to finally be going their way.
Dax was still a little distant but it was something that Kenzie thought they could overcome.
It isn’t until Dax tells her to leave that it hits Kenzie. Maybe things couldn’t work between them.
The baby growing within her wasn’t something that Dax could easily get over.
Leaving Dax was the only thing she could do but it would break her heart in the process.
The main questions Kenzie had were where would she go, and who would keep her safe?
There was one person still out there who cared for her, loved her, and who could be a father figure for her unborn child.
And that’s where she was going to go.
Before she can get anywhere though the baby decides now is the time to be born, and once again Kenzie’s life is thrown off course.
It does bring Dax back but having this new powerful child brings other dangers.
Only time will tell if they will be able to escape.
And only love can conquer all.


Follow this link to purchase Eden One, In the End: In the End (Eden One Book 4)


Happy Reading

Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Update, 2016

January Update

Instead of doing weekly updates like I did last year I'm going to stick with just doing one update a month. It will cover a little bit of everything that has transpired throughout the month.

This month has been a particularly busy one for me. I have been writing, editing, creating new covers, and fixing mistakes.

So far I have released three of the four new books for the Eden One series. The fourth book will be released this coming Friday. All twelve novella episodes will now be within these four books. On their Amazon purchase pages at the end of the descriptions I have written what episodes have been placed into which books.

As well as re-publishing these books they have gotten new looks. I think I outdid myself on these covers this time. I love them :)


Right now I'll keep book four's cover a secret until re-release day :)

I have been working hard for the last few months to also get the final book in the Among the Dead
Trilogy finished as well. I'm a little behind on it right now but I'm still hoping for a February release to mark the release date of my very first book, Barely Alive.

As much as I would love to have it done right now it just hasn't been flowing as good as I would like it to. I'd rather not push the words out. I am making progress on it everyday, but it's slow progress.

On the other hand I have been brainstorming some new ideas for future books. I have actually begun to write one of these stories in an attempt to rekindle my writing for my other stories. Sometimes taking a break from one story helps me to get back on track with another.

Along with all of my story writing my husband and I have been making huge plans to redo our house. Rooms are going to get bigger and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be getting my new office done. I'm super excited about that. I desperately need a place of my own to keep things organized.

Another thing I've been dealing with, especially for the last three days are my chicks. I started a little early this year hatching them and some decided to come early. Those little stinkers have put a slight damper on my writing progress along with everything else. Snow days, 2-hour delays, and cleaning house have been the other wrenches in my plans.

With the last two weeks of this month moving by at a rapid speed I'm hoping to get most of the writing done for Home, and get the last book for the Eden One series released.

Next month I'm hoping to get through the last few books remaining to be re-edited and to get the paperback versions out for the Eden One series as well.

It's all on my checklist.

One way or another I will get progress made though, even if I have to sacrifice sleep to do it.


Have a great month and stay warm.
Happy writing :)

Raven K. Asher

Friday, January 15, 2016

Re-release of Eden One (Torn in Two)

Re-release of Eden One

I have recently combined the Eden One episodes into a four book series. Book three, Torn in Two is now available for purchase on Amazon. You can also read it for free using Amazon Unlimited.

Waking up in a burned out room once was strange enough for Kenzie, but to wake up in the same place over and over again was too much.
At first everything appeared normal, or at least as normal got for Kenzie.
When it quickly turns into a nightmare Kenzie finds herself thrown into making a major decision. Who will she choose? Will she go for this new Duine, Leaf?
Her maddening dream ends up taking away that decision for her. She decides on Leaf, he was supposed to be her true mate after all.
Her heart was still breaking for Dax though and the pull between them just wouldn't fade away.
When that pull becomes too much Kenzie gives into it and explores it more with Dax while Leaf is away gathering fighters to fight in their upcoming battle.
But when Leaf returns and finds them in a compromising position he does something drastic. Ronan thankfully sees through Leaf’s lies though and saves Kenzie.
As all of Leaf’s lies come unraveled their group finds themselves under attack by the enemy. Leaf had never gotten the reinforcements. He had brought Aden’s army down on their heads.
When everything seems so hopeless Shade comes through and brings along the much needed army that Kenzie needs to succeed in the war that had begun.
The new plan now wasn't to fight on the ground.
No, she wants to take over the sky above.
Using her powers and Dax’s combined they transport their entire army onto Kenzie’s old home, the military station.
Getting onto the station is the easy part. The hard part is when their entire plan is lost when the fighters on the space station are prepared for an attack.
They gain the upper hand on the Gealtach.
The war was quickly being lost even though everyone around her was telling her otherwise. They were losing. They couldn’t lose. Kenzie wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Dax could kick his own ass for letting Kenzie walk into danger like he had. It was stupid to let her make such a terrible decision but it was for a good cause.
Meanwhile he’s left with a battle that he had to win. It was a battle he had to win in order to get her back.
The hardest fight though wasn't the one against the humans. It was the one raging inside of him to free Kenzie. His heart wanted to rescue her from the horrible things he had been forced to witness through her eyes.
There just wasn't a way to do that without compromising the mission he had on the space station. There were too many Gealtach counting on him to lead.
With his emotions held at bay things become clear. They would win this war with the humans on the space station, but not without a high cost.
Many would die in the name of freedom.


Follow this link to purchase Eden One, Torn in Two: Torn in Two (Eden One Book 3)


Happy Reading

Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten things I enjoy in the spring

Ten things I enjoy in the spring

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It’s that time of year again when it’s bitter cold outside and I’m stuck inside wishing to be outside and not wrapped in ten different layers of clothing.

I can’t complain too much November and December were well above the normal temperature ranges. I did get spoiled by the sixty degree weather.

Out of all the years I’ve lived in Northeastern Ohio this has been the easiest winter that I can remember. Last year was the worst winter, with the temperatures dropping well below zero and then into the negatives.

I think at one point it had gotten down to negative twenty and the wind-chill made it even worse. It was the fun day that one of my momma goats decided to bring her lovely babies into the world. She has the worst timing, I swear.

Anyway now that I’m way off topic here’s my list of things I can’t wait for. Spring can’t come soon enough for this girl.

One, I can’t wait for green grass again and green leaves on the trees. I hate the grass when it gets brown and the trees look so dull. I love vibrant colors and the life spring brings back to the area.

Two, I can’t wait for the warmer days. I love the days were you only need a tee shirt and the warms rays of sunshine warming your skin. Those are the days I live for. I’ve never been a cold weather person.

Three, Birds. I love it when the birds fly back from the south. I could sit outside and listen to them chirp and sings all day long. We do have a good bit of birdies that stay here for the cold months but they come and go so quickly I never get the chance to just stop and listen to them.

Four, I get to hatch baby chicks. Every spring I get my incubator out to hatch some new chicks for the year. I love it when they begin hatching. They’re so tiny when they first hatch. It’s one of the joys of being a hobby farmer and my children get to see the miracle of life first hand.

Five, I love all the little babies. From baby chicks to bunnies and little baby goats I love them all. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where I get to see wild fawns, bunnies, foxes, and even turkey running freely with their babies on a daily basis.

Six, I can’t get enough of the smell of freshly cut grass. My hubby doesn’t like mowing the grass so I do it. I love cutting the grass so it’s a win-win for me. I get time away from my normal chores to be under the sun.

Seven, I enjoy the nights where all you need is a comfy hoodie. Standing by a small fire with your significant other is a plus on those nights too. But after a hard day’s work with my animals it’s a good way to end the day and have a few laughs with friends and family.

Eight, the longer days are what I live for. I can’t take these short days where it gets dark at five in the afternoon. Give me early sunrises and late sunsets.

Nine, I say bring on the spring showers and fresh breezes. While I don’t always like the rain here it’s a blessing to cool down the hotter days. It just stinks when it makes a ton of mud for me to walk through to get to my animals. I do like the fresh breeze it allows to float through my house when I open all of my windows. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh clean air.

Ten, last but not least I love the time that I can spend outside on my swing with my laptop to write. There’s something freeing about it. Maybe it’s the sun warming the keys or the fact that I’m no longer trapped in a dark corner to write but I do my best work outside.

Well, there you have it my ten things I can’t wait for. Now that I’m feeling the winter blues I’m really itching for spring and summer to come.

I’ll have to make do with my warm blankets and some hot cocoa.


Have a great week and stay warm.

Raven K. Asher

Friday, January 8, 2016

Re-release of Eden One (A New World)

Re-release of Eden One

I have recently combined the Eden One episodes into a four book series. Book two, A New World is now available for purchase on Amazon. You can also read it for free using Amazon Unlimited.

Still in Aden’s grasp Kenzie begs for an end to his torture. Every part of her hurts, including her heart. And with no hope of being saved she loses all hope.
She gives up, gives into wanting everything to just end, to escape the nightmare she’s in.
Day after day, hour after slow hour Aden continues to ask the same question. Where is he? But Kenzie doesn’t even know who Aden is referring to.
When her question of who is finally answered she knows that she must keep his secret.
Death whispers her name, but Aden won’t allow it and neither will an unexpected Gealtach friend, Dax.
What happens will change Mac’s future forever. But will Fox still want her this way?
Being something not quite human is a major change for Kenzie. But being a mix of three different beings has its own complications, especially since no one has ever been mixed up like this before.
With a bond between both Dax and Fox Kenzie has to choose.
Before she has a chance to escape it all Aden yet again interrupts her life, taking everyone away from her.
When everything in her life shatters into pieces one unlikely being comes to help.
Storm, Fox’s brother, quickly allies with Kenzie even though she has fears of his powers. And with reasonable reasons, he’s dangerous, very dangerous.
Both Storm and Kenzie begin planning on how to get his brother and her team back but yet again Aden spoils her plans.
They are forced to flee, but instead of just going somewhere safe on Eden One, Mac transports them onto the space station.
Everything changes from there.
But those changes won’t come without a cost.
There will be blood.
There will be death.
And Kenzie’s world will take yet another turn.

After finally getting free from the cell on the human’s space station Storm finds out that since Kenzie wasn’t the one who had rescued him.
It was Dax that had saved him.
Kenzie on the other hand had other things going on.
She had gone mad.
And now Storm was going to be throwing himself into a new mission along with Dax.
He needed to find her and bring her back, but first he had to bring back his dead brother, Fox, to manage fixing Dax’s and Kenzie’s broken bond.
In order to bring Fox back from death’s door Storm needs to find his long lost brothers, Leaf, the leader of the wolvetts, and Ronan.
Of course finding them would be the easy part. Talking them into helping him bring back a brother that hadn’t been so nice, that was going to be the hardest part.
Will it be enough though? Can Kenzie be saved?


Follow this link to purchase Eden One, A New World: Eden One: A New World


Happy Reading

Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is here and it’s a time of making resolutions. Most of them will fall through the cracks throughout the year but some of them will stick.

I believe the reason most of these resolutions fail is because they might not fit into what we want. They just fall into the category of things we would love to do but don’t have time for. So many times we get caught up in the same old routine.

Many of us go with the crowd. We want to lose weight or travel the world. Those things can happen but let’s be realistic most of those resolutions never come to fruition.

It’s not because we don’t want them, it’s because we just don’t have the time or motivation to chase after them.

That’s why when I make resolutions I kind of build myself stepping stones to get to those points.
Say I want to lose weight. Instead of thinking I must go to a gym and I have to start all these crazy diets and whatnot I would make my resolution something simple like learning one yoga position a day in my own home until I was comfortable going out. 

If I want to diet I would slowly change my diet. Instead of that bag of M&M’s I would buy a bag of carrots. Substitute one thing until you’ve changed your entire way of eating.

Taking baby steps is the key.

If we try to focus on the whole we only overwhelm ourselves and I believe that’s why most resolutions fail before they even have a chance.

What are you resolutions?

What do you want to accomplish this coming year? Do you want to create world peace, to travel the world, or to just simply relax and read a good story?

All of these can be accomplished with baby steps. You might not be able to create world peace but you can create a peaceful place within your home or within your neighborhood.

You might want to travel the world but right in your own back yard you might be missing out on some amazing things. Do some searches in your area to see what historical places might be hidden.
And we all know, especially when you’re a mother, how hard it is to get time to read a book. That one might be the hardest of them all to accomplish but it’s possible.

It’s all possible.

This year I’ve gone on to take baby steps. I only have a few resolutions this year. One being to work harder at my writing, and since I’ll be going on my third year this year I want to up my game. I want stunning covers and fantastic editing. To have those I’ve got to push myself since I’m my own cover designer and editor.

I’ve already bought more how-to books to learn from, and to build myself up to a higher skill level.

Another resolution this year is to take a few risks. I’m terrified of doing new things sometimes so this is going to be a rather hard resolution to keep but I’m sure going to try my hardest to break free from my bubble.

A small step here might just be for me to write out in public or to do something I normally wouldn’t like approaching someone who reviews books to take a look at one of mine. (I’ve always been terrified of criticism. I can handle it I just hate placing myself on the chopping block.)

One last thing I want to do this year is to make more memories with my children. Time is passing by so quickly and I want to make as many memories as I can with them. I want to start new traditions with them too.

There’s a lot more I could add to the list of things I want to do this year but I want to keep it simple. Hopefully by the end of the year I can say I accomplished them all.

This year is going to be a good one but only if we make it that way.


Happy New Year

Raven K. Asher

Friday, January 1, 2016

Re-release of Eden One (Crash and Burn)

Re-release of Eden One

I have recently combined the Eden One episodes into a four book series. Book one, Crash and Burn is now available for purchase on Amazon. You can also read it for free using Amazon Unlimited.

What do we do when the world as we know it ends? What will we do to survive? Only we can decide the answers to those questions.
Now, fast forward 237 years into the future.
Earth is no longer livable, and only seven space stations hold the keys to our future.
Each station has its own special reasons, and each has a certain group that will be able to travel to any new planets they find and begin life anew.
The stations consist of the farmers, the engineers, the scientists, the breeders, the doctors, the military, and the alphas, or also known as the future leaders.
Mackenzie was lucky enough to be born on the military station, and  is quickly following in her father’s footsteps to becoming a leader of her very own squad, a squad that would someday be sent down to a whole new world.
They were the future.
As their future soon becomes reality Mackenzie and her team are tested to their limits. She has to fight her emotions and do what's best for everyone, but will it be enough?
Will it keep them all alive when they finally reach the ground? And when a red devil threatens what’s between Cash and her, will Kenzie loose him?
On this lost planet anything can happen.
Things aren't always what they seem.
One second Mac finds herself with friends and the next she’s being chased down by enemies.
Will she be able to survive, or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure her team’s future?

Fox’s whole life has been turned upside down, and all because of one tiny human girl and her team. He finds himself will to do anything for her, even if it’s the last thing he wants to do.
When one of her teammates needs help Fox has no choice but to leave her behind, but saving Grey ends up being more than either Fox or Riker bargained for.
Fox quickly finds himself under attack by his own people.
It ends up being him and Cash against them all.
Barely surviving they somehow manage to escape, but now they have an even bigger issue to deal with. Mackenzie has been taken. But the question is who took her and why.
They get their answer when they return to the spot where Fox had left her last.
The Gealtach, the most feared beings on the planet, were after her. But she wasn't being chased by just any Gealtach. She was being tracked by hunters.
Now, both Cash and Fox have hard decisions to make, but will they make the correct ones?

Will they be able to save the girl that they both love? Or will they choose the wrong path and lose her forever.


Follow this link to purchase Eden One, Crash and Burn: Eden One: Crash and Burn


Happy Reading

Raven K. Asher