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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monthly Update - August

Monthly Update

I've been working really hard the last few weeks and I'm happy to say that that hard work has payed off. I've been crossing things off of my to-do list pretty quickly.

So far, I've gotten the paperback versions that needed to be done completed. Hopefully, I'll be able to approve the proofs as soon as I get them this coming month. Chosen has it's cover ready along with the book three, Betrayed, in The Onyx Wolves series. I updated the rest of the paperback covers in The Onyx Wolves series  as well. They look amazing! I've even got my newest release paperback cover ready to go.

On top of getting those finished I edited one of the stories I had finished months ago. Crash is available now for purchase at Amazon. I skipped the pre-order period for it.

I still have one more story waiting to be edited and released but I'm going to wait a little longer to release it. My goal is to release it by October.

The story that I've been currently working on is nearly finished as well. Right now I'm three-fourths of the way through. I should be finished with it by the middle of September at the latest. I hope to have it released in the next few months too.

With both of my girls now in school I'm hoping to have more free time. I'm still trying to work out my schedule. Sleep has been rough to come by the last few days so that's going to be my biggest hurdle. I'm sure in the next few weeks I'll have it all worked out.

Even though this past two months have been hectic I've managed to push through it all. I'm really hoping for another productive month ahead in September.


Have a productive month!!

Raven K. Asher

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Release - Crash

Crash by [Asher, Raven K.]
Out Now!!

I just released this little gem yesterday. I went ahead and skipped the pre-order period and hit publish now instead. Go check it out! The Kindle version is available for purchase or you can read for free with Kindle Unlimited. It will also be available in paperback in September.

Amazon Link: Crash

Addilyn had been on top. She had great friends and an even greater boyfriend. All of that changed with one small decision, one mistake on someone else’s part. A drunk driver took everything she loved away. Everything changed from that moment on. She was no longer the girl that she once knew. Addilyn couldn’t even recognize that girl in her mirror. After the accident the ghosts of her friends haunt her causing her to have terrible nightmares which disrupt her family. When Addilyn’s father gives her mother an ultimatum her mother makes a difficult decision. They leave him behind for a better life. Unfortunately a better life isn’t easily found. They move to town after town until they find one that her mother has high hopes for. There Addilyn meets a handsome boy, Nash, who sees past her scars. The only bad news is that he’s already in a relationship. Of course there’s another person in this town that Addilyn hoped to never see again, Weston, the only other survivor of the crash. Surprisingly he ends up being the support she needs to get through the days ahead. Nash is a huge help too but the more time they spend together the closer they get. Even when Nash ends his relationship for her Addilyn pushes him away. It’s out of fear, she doesn’t want to lose someone she loves again, but she can’t deny the fact that there’s something huge between them. Along the road ahead Addilyn has some difficult decisions to make, hearts to break, and long days of recovery ahead. Will she be strong enough to let go or will her ghosts haunt her forever? Will she allow Nash in, will she let herself love again? Only fate can decide.


Happy Reading

Raven K. Asher

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monthly Update - July

Monthly Update

I know I'm really late getting this out but here it is. Here's my update for the month of July.

July didn't go quite as planned. A lot of unforeseen health issues came up with family and instead of getting work done I spent time with them. Those issues are thankfully getting better at a slow pace, but never the less they are improving.

The beginning of July did go as planned with my Goodreads Giveaway. That ended up way better than I had expected. It was a pleasant surprise. And instead of doing covers for paperbacks like I had planed to I only ended up refining the covers for The Story of Alexis Rose series. Other than that I didn't get much else done that I had originally planned for. 

I did however get some writing done. Not much but I did manage to get a third of the way through writing a story. Of course it's a story that I had previously written but the story hadn't gone as planned so I trashed it in order to rewrite it before even thinking about publishing it. I believe what I've got now is publish worthy though. It will be a while before I finish and get that out. 

Meanwhile I have two stories just waiting on the back burner to be edited and published. I have so much to do and so little time to manage right now. I will hopefully get it all done in time. It just might go slower than I'd like.

Even though it's nearly halfway through August I'm going to try and cross a few things off of my to-do list. The good news is that school for my little ones will be starting and having both in classes for the day will free up some writing time for me.

I'm going to keep at it and hopefully I'll make progress forward. No matter what comes my way I'll get through it.

August's monthly update will hopefully be on time unlike July's. I hope to have good news to share then also.


Have a great and productive month.
Happy writing :)

Raven K. Asher