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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Q&A and some Facts for the novella series Eden One

Eden One, Season One

Ok, so I know I haven't given much information about my upcoming novella series Eden One, but I didn't quite know where the story was going. I'm able to give you details now since the story has taken on a life of its own and I've also gotten a good bit of the episodes finished and ready for the October release.
With this story I've kind of given it free reign on which directions it wants to go. I have not written out plans for this, nor do I know where it will lead. One benefit of my writing style, but also a downfall of my writing style.
The only thing I really have an idea on is how I plan on ending the season so that I can begin working with the next season. But whether or not I'm able to stick with that idea will be up in the air until the words are written down.
The closer I get to episode eighteen the more details I will release.
Now, on with the information I know most of you are dying to hear.


First, I'll start off with a Q&A.

Q: What is Eden One about?
A: Eden One is about life after Earth becomes unlivable, it begins in a space station following a girl and her team that are about to be sent to a new planet.

Q: When does the story take place?
A: The story takes place 237 years in the future.

Q: Who is the main character, and what kind of character can we expect?
A: The main character is Mackenzie Frost, or also known as Mac, and Kenzie throughout the episodes. She is a very strong female lead who overcomes more than most. She leads her team through the unknown world they have landed on.

Q: Who are some of the other characters we will see?
A: Some of the main characters you will meet are, Max, Kenzie's second in command and best friend. He is quiet through most of the episodes but he gains his voice in later episodes. The next character you'll see is Maddox, you will come to know him very well throughout the stories and he becomes a big part of life on this new planet. Next there is Fox, a native from the planet, also known as a Duine. Then there are the three Gealtach, another race of beings on the planet, they are Jett, Dax, and Nixon. So far in the story they have taken a backseat but as I write the episodes they will become more prominent. Those are just a handful of the characters you will meet, and all in love with.

Q: What kind of drama can we expect?
A: There is more than enough drama packed into each episode. Each episode holds a task that the characters must overcome, a new enemy to face, a new love interest, a fight, a love triangle, you name it there is some sort of drama going on.

Q: Who will Mackenzie fall for?
A: That's a hard one to answer considering within the story she falls for a few of the male characters. She has to overcome her own dramas before she can really find the one she wants to be with, but as she finds that path there will be some good steamy moments between.

Q: Are any of the other characters going to take lead in any of the episodes?
A: Yes, I've already written a few episodes to shine a light down on another character in the story. For example, Fox will take up an entire episode for himself. The story still goes on behind the scene with Kenzie so the story isn't hindered by this. It will just appear from his point of view. I also plan on episodes from Dax's POV, and from other characters as they enter the story. Like I said before I don't know exactly where the story will go so I can't exactly plan out who or what is going to happen.

Q: What do the natives look like?
A: The Duine's look much like humans but with just one major difference, they appear as different earthy colors. For example, Fox is a fire Duine so he is red from head to toe, even his hair is red. Another example is Riker, a water Duine, he appears in the story as a pale blue. But even those colors can be manipulated by the Duine as they carry powers to change much like a chameleon. They also have a set of razor sharp teeth which will be explained more throughout the story.

A: The Gealtach are similar to humans also but they have more massive size and appear with pale almost white skin that has constant moving tribal tattoos all over their skin. They too also carry powers but so far I haven't gone into much detail with them. As the story continues their powers will come to light.

Q: What other kind of creatures can we expect?
A: I'm adding in a few of the many hidden creatures of Eden One, so far I have exposed a catlike creature I've named a Cantuss. This creature appears as a lager cat with soft yellow feathers, but don't let that cuddly appearance fool you because it is a ferocious beast. I've also added in a deer like creature, named Juniper. You will also see creatures such as hummingbirds, dogs, and possibly something along the lines on a horse. We shall see what my imagination can come up with.


Alright, now that I hope I have answered some of your questions here is a few facts about Eden One.

Fun Facts:

1.) Duine is a word I've translated from the Irish language, it also means human.

2.) Gealtach is also used from the Irish language, it means insane, which you'll learn more about why I picked it as you read.

3.) My idea for Eden One was sparked by my husband and I's love of futuristic space movies. It only seemed natural for me to write about something we love so much.

4.) The color of the plants and other creatures are some of my oldest daughters ideas. She loves to help and she was oh so happy for me to use some of her ideas.

5.) There will be more uses of the Irish language within the book since it is one of my favorite languages.

6.) Expect lots of romance, fighting, and drama.

7.) You can also expect lots of awesome weapons and powers.

8.) There will also be more races of beings and more out-of-this world creatures.

**Like I said before this list will surely grow longer as I continue to write these episodes out and get closer to the end of season one.**
Last but not least, here is an overall general description of what I've written so far. It's a bit rough so please bare with me. It will get better with time and as I continue on with the story.

     Two hundred and thirty seven years into the future, Mackenzie and her team of military fighters find themselves thrown into a battle amongst their own.
     With only one way escape they take it.
     They take a ship and fly down to the nearby planet that Mackenzie and her team had previously been picked to land on and investigate.
     What they don't know is that humans have already been to this planet.
     After meeting a few of the native's also know as Duine's life on Eden One doesn't seem so bleak. But the dangers and other beings they encounter are just the tip of the iceberg of danger they encounter and are forced to overcome.
     When Mackenzie ends up kidnapped, her team must save her.
     Fox must give up his past differences and learn to work with his enemies to get her back. He must also fight his ghosts and overcome the darkness that has been growing inside of him.
     The only one who can truly save him is Kenzie, she becomes the reason for him to live, to fight, and the only light that fills his darkness.
     With so much at stake only time will tell what will happen, or who will survive.
     Will they make new enemies, or will they come together?
     Will they escape the planet?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New look for "When Worlds Collide and Stars Align"

New look for "When Worlds Collide and Stars Align"
When Worlds Collide and Stars Align was one of my lucky books to gain a new look this week. I think it's a rocking new cover and I couldn't be happier with it. I hope you guys will love it just as much as I do. I'm loving all these new covers.

Hi there, my name is Phoenix.
 I’m your average kind of girl, long brown hair, medium height, and large brown doe eyes. Yeah, yeah I know you’re thinking to yourself that there’s nothing special about me, right?
I’m currently living in space on a far off, unknown planet with my ex- boyfriend and his best friend. What I really find strange is all of the planets and creatures out here.
Think of every myth and legend that you’ve heard of as a kid, they aren’t so much actually myths or legends, they are very real. Even Angels and Demons are an everyday occurrence.
Instead of heaven and hell they have their own planets, their own worlds and that is just the surface that I have scratched. There is so much more that I have yet to learn.
Trust me when I say that things get much stranger, I have a split personality that wants to kill everyone, thanks to my bond with my intended mate being broken.
Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that I’m also in love with my dead mate’s brother.
Yeah, I know it sounds like a crazy story, but it’s all true.
 Who would have thought that on my eighteenth birthday that I’d be kidnapped and taken away from the only home I ever knew.
I really miss Earth and my family, but over the past few months I’ve come to find that home is where you make it, and that love will pop up in the most unexpected places.
Even though I’m millions, if not billions of miles from home I’m learning to live this life I’ve been thrown into. I’m going where few have ever even dreamt of going.
I am Phoenix Mason, and this is my story.
**Contains strong langue and sexual scenes - intended for mature audiences 18+** 
Follow the links below to check this book out.
Amazon: $0.99
Barnes&Noble: $0.99
Smashwords: $0.99


Monday, August 18, 2014

All new look for The Invisible Butterfly

I'm so excited to be making this new step (which I hope is in the right direction) to change my all of my book covers over, using professional photographs from Shutterstock. I really hope to bring a little new spark to the books that have been looked over. Here is the first, I hope you fall in love with the cover as much as I did.
***All New Look***
"The Invisible Butterfly"
This is a story about Eden Grayson, a girl who had spent her entire life on top, until her parents split up and then everything comes crashing down around her.
As she falls into a deep depression only one can save her, Levi Mackey.
But when an unexpected tragedy splits them apart will Eden be able to survive?
How will she go on, she doesn't have a clue.
Eden fights her inner darkness and with the help of her family and unexpected friends, she will over come it all.
She will find real love.
But not before she finds herself.
Eden, the truly invisible butterfly will emerge the most beautiful butterfly, and will leave her pain and sadness behind.

“When you have those moments just think of me, call or text me when you feel weak and I will always be there for you. Nothing about this will be easy, life is hard, we just feel it more than most because our souls have been broken and are raw.”

You can find this dramatic love story on:
***Go Check it Out for $2.99***

Thanks for reading :)
Raven K. Asher

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just a little something about me

      I know as of lately I've been posting and promoting my books on this blog and I haven't really said much about myself. So, here's a little window into the way I write and a little advice that I've learned on my journey of becoming an author.
     I've gotten many questions on how I write, how do I deal with it all (being a stay at home mother and a writer) and many other questions which I'll cover the best I can.
     Well, first off I have rarely planed out what I'm going to write. The story comes and I write as it plays out in my mind. Yes, it a very unusual way to write and I've often thought that it was not the way "writers write" but it works for me. If I even try to plan things out the story still plays out a certain way in my mind, completely ruining those plans.
     The nice part about this way of writing is that I grow excited everyday to write just to find out what's going to happen next. I never grow bored and I have yet to run into writers block. (Crossing my fingers now and knocking on wood).
     The bad part, well there isn't really a bad part that I have run into, other than being judged by other authors thinking that you're doing everything wrong.
     That's why if you're thinking about being a writer or if you're already doing your own thing, most understand that being a writer doesn't mean you have to follow by any rules. There are no real rules to being a writer. Do your own thing, if it works for you then don't let anyone tell you differently.
     Even though I've been writing for just under a year I've learned so many things in a short amount of time. And I continue to learn with every book I write and with ever interaction I have with fellow authors, writers, readers, and editors.
     I've learned that releasing that first book is intense, but every book afterwards gets easier, it's still exciting to put your work out there and get sales, but it isn't quite as intense as that first book you put out there.
     Reviews are both a necessary evil and a blessing. I'm not going to lie or sugar coat that they can be heartbreaking. They can make you feel as if you're the worst writer on earth, but you have to learn from the bad, you also have to learn from the good. A thick skin is necessary in order to get past the bad reviews which I guarantee you will get somewhere along the line.
     Never, never, never give up just because of these.
     A word of advice towards those bad reviews, never, never reply to them. I've never made this mistake but I have seen others who have. I know sometimes it seems like a huge blow against you as a writer and you feel as if you have to defend yourself, but you have to let it go, take a deep breath, and like me and my husband do, laugh it off. (Especially, if it is a silly review that just leaves you stumped and confused)
     You're never going to get everyone to like what you write, so don't even try.
     A good tip I've given to others is if you do get that dreaded bad review, go check out a favorite book from a favorite author that you've read, now go to their worst reviews.
     Read them.
     You're not the only one who gets them. Even the best books have bad reviews.
     Again, you can't make everyone happy.
     Just do your own thing when it comes to writing. Dance to your own little dance and write something that you can be proud of.
     That's what matters in the end. Ask yourself "Is this a book I can be proud of?"
     Next, when you write and finish your book, re-read it. Read it over and over. Ask yourself "Did you like it? Was it something that you couldn't get enough of?" If you said yes, then more than likely your readers will think the same thing.
     I've found myself reading books that I've written over and over just because I loved my own story so much. Again, that's where my style of writing fits in with its uniqueness.
     Sometimes I step back and ask myself if I really just wrote that.
     I'm constantly surprising myself.
     Now, here's a kicker with me, unlike most authors who have others who have an editor, and an artist to do their cover art, some even have a little team to help them.
     I am completely on my own.
     You might be thinking that I'm crazy for doing it all on my own, and it takes a great deal of work in order to place myself into each position that I need to be (whether its the picky editor who has to distance myself from my work and critic every word, or to bringing out that inner artistic side to do my own covers) none of it is an easy task, but for me it is fulfilling to be able to step back and say I did it all myself. But that's just me, and while it might not work for most it works for me.
      Now, onto a small secret about myself..........I use a pen name. (gasp)
      Ok, now that that's out let me explain why I do this. I use a pen name in order to place myself into work mode per say. When I write I am Raven K. Asher, and when I'm not writing I'm just me. I don't use a pen name to hide, I use it to distance myself from well, ..........myself. Being a writer I need this because there isn't a time when my mind isn't running through a story (Even while I'm sleeping I dream of books I'm writing) and sometimes I feel as if I'm drowning. I need to be able to tell myself that I'm not working, that I'm just a mom.
     It's also helpful when you get a bad review, you can tell yourself that it wasn't against you, it was against your pen name.
     If you're on the ledge of whether or not to use a pen name I'd say go for it.
     Another little tidbit about me is that I write to music, I edit in quiet, and I do my best cover art while watching a good TV show. (I know odd, but true)
     There's nothing like finding that perfect song to write to. The funny part is whenever I listen to that certain song that I've written a book to that story floods back into my mind.
     Now, on to me being a mom. (My primary job) Being a mother and a writer is a juggling act that I am proud to say that I've pretty much mastered. My kids are awesome, I am fortunate to be able to write with them in the same room. They are so much a part of my writing also, they always ask about what I'm writing. They just love the idea that I write. With my oldest going to school this year I don't quite know how things will change, but I'm sure things will work out.
     This mommy knows though that I'm never too busy for a dance party while in the middle of writing. Sometimes a dance party is just what I need.
     I've also been lucky enough to be blessed with such a supportive husband that pushed me into following my dream in the first place. Without him I would never have even written my first book. It's always good to have support like that even if its just from family.
    Now, since I've gone on and on and hopefully I didn't lose most of you I'd like to say thank you for reading, thank you for being awesome, and thank you for the support you've all given.
    My journey has just begun and I can't wait to see where it takes me.
Thank you,
Raven K. Asher