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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday Teaser!!

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!! Here's your teaser for this week. Since Snow is so close to being released that's where the teaser will come from. Those who were hoping for a teaser from The Vampires of Linbridge will have to wait until next Tuesday, sorry.


Izzy…come on. Open the door.” Avery pleads for the tenth time since he had come home from school.
He and the guys had each tried to coax me out of the room but I had ignored each of them.
“Isabelle, please. We want to help you.” August tries this time.
Everyone goes quiet in the hallway before Dorian speaks loudly. “What the hell is going on?”
“She locked herself inside her room.” Avery snarls. “What did you say to her?”
“I didn’t say anything to her. I drove her home from school and dropped her off here.” Dorian replies.
“She packed her bag, Dorian.” Avery nearly yells. “You said something or did something that made her believe that you were putting her back into the system.”
No one says a word.
Seconds tick by painfully before Dorian lets out a long string of curses.
“Boys, why don’t you go do your chores. Dorian and I will take care of this.” August grunts.
I listen as their footsteps fade down the stairs before I move to sit up on the edge of my bed again nervously.
“How do I fix this, Dad?” Dorian asks.
Standing up I move over to the door quietly before placing my ear against the wood so I could hear them better.
“She’s scared, Dorian.” August replies. “She needs you to reassure her that she’s not going anywhere.”
“Do you really think she’s going to believe me?” Dorian whispers.
“Prove it to her, Dorian.” August insists. “She needs you. She needs a father.”
“How do I do that, Dad?” He questions, his voice filled with anxiety.
“You’ll figure it out.” August replies. “Give her some time.”
Without another word August’s heavy footsteps fade, leaving Dorian alone.


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Happy Reading!!

Raven K. Asher