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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday Teaser!!

Teaser Tuesday!!

Since last Tuesday's teaser was for Snow I decided to share a longer teaser for The Vampires of Linbridge today. Enjoy!!


“Are you ready to go?” James calls out.
“Yes.” I breathe out.
He nods and then starts the bike’s engine. A moment later we take off down the road, away from the hotel that had become like home and back towards Linbridge.
It doesn’t take long before the town comes into view.
My heart pounds within my chest with a mixture of excitement and fear. I had no idea what to expect once we crossed the border but I was also excited to be able to see my family and friends again.
Until now I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them.
Once we’re in Linbridge James turns down the road in the opposite direction of home. Instead he drives towards my parent’s house on the other side of town.
I was relieved but at the same time nervous to see my parents. It had been a while since I had visited them and I felt guilty for not even calling to check in with them.
After a few minutes James parks the bike behind my father’s car in the short driveway. I climb off and then remove my helmet before staring at the house where I had grown up.
A million different emotions slam into me before James steps in front of me.
“Focus on me.” He instructs while placing his hands on either side of my face.
I nod and then sigh softly.
“Don’t worry, Harper, your parents have understood everything that you’ve been through. I’ve keep in contact with them while you were gone.” James then explains softly.
“You talked to them?” I whisper while searching his eyes.
“I did. I told them everything. I figured you’d want them to know that you were alright.” He replies.
“Did you tell them about Clara?” I push.
“No. They know she’s gone but they don’t know the truth. No one knows the truth but our clan, Drake, and Godric.” James reassures me.
Before I can say another word Mom rushes out of the house and down the steps. She holds her arms out towards me and I run into them.
“My baby girl…” She whispers softly into my hair as she embraces me tightly. “I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms a second longer.”
“I’m sorry, I was just nervous about seeing you.” I reply honestly.
She leans back slightly to look me in the eyes. “You never have to be nervous to see us, Harper. I could care less about what’s happening. I just want to hold my daughter.”
“Now, come on inside. Your father wants to see you too.” Mom then pushes.
She guides me into the house with James following along behind us.
The second I step through the door Dad grabs me into an abrupt hug. “You had us worried, Harper. If it wasn’t for James we would have been frantic.”
“It’s been bad here the last few days.” Mom chimes in.
“What do you mean?” James asks.
“Erik and Ivan have been out of control.” She answers. “Elizabeth is dead and the council has fled. The only one who stayed behind is Godric.”
“The town is falling apart.” Dad breathes out.
“Have Erik and Ivan killed anyone?” James questions nervously.
“No but they’ve been attacking and feeding without caring about the town’s rules. Other vampires have begun following them.” Dad explains.
James curses while pinching the bridge of his nose. “This explains why I haven’t been able to connect with them.”
“What’s going on, James?” I whisper, unsure if I wanted to know.
“They’ve turned feral.” He answers simply before continuing on. “We’re going to have to stop them and force them to gain control again.”


Happy Reading!!

Raven K. Asher