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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Teaser!!

Teaser Tuesday!!

This weeks teaser, once again, is from Blood, Book 2 in The Vampires of Linbridge Series.
(This will be the last teaser until it's release.)
I will be posting a release date soon!!
You may hate me for this teaser because it's one hell of a cliffhanger but it's not exactly as bad as it seems, I promise.  Enjoy!!


          “James, where’s James?” I cry.
          “I don’t know.” Erik breathes out before turning his full attention towards Silas. “Find James and then take her home where she’s safe. Call Godric and let him know that we’ve been attacked. Have him send Drake to help you watch over her until this is over.”
          Silas grunts in response as he nods his head.
          Without another word Erik rushes forward to help Ivan while Silas tugs me to come with him.
          I move along reluctantly. I wanted to help Ivan and Erik but at the same time James needed me, wherever he was.
          Silas stops and then turns to face me. He places his hands on either side of my face while looking deep into my eyes.
          “We need to do as Erik says. James needs us and the two of us need to stick together. If one of us was to get hurt it means that both of us will hurt.” Silas stresses.
          I nod in understanding.
          He was right. We would be of no use if either one of us ended up getting wounded.
          “Come on, James has to be somewhere close.” Silas insists confidently.
          Lightning brightens the sky and from the corner of my eye I catch the form of a body lying on the ground in an awkward position.
          I nearly scream as we approach.
          It was James but he was a mangled mess lying in a pool of his own blood. His chest was barely rising and falling with each breath.
          Kneeling down I take his face into my hands as tears mix with the rain dripping down my cheeks.
          He tries and fails to speak. Instead blood spill from his lips.
          “Shhhh. Stay quiet.” I whisper.
          “What do we do?” Silas asks in a near panic. “How do we fix this?”
          “I don’t know.” I whimper.
          The only thing I could think of was to give him my blood but since he was choking up blood I knew that it wouldn’t matter. He would never be able to swallow mine.
          Since both Silas and I were still new to this vampire world neither of us had any other idea of how to fix this. We were helpless.
          “Silas, help Ivan.” I command. “I need Erik here, now.”
          He nods and then stands. “No matter what, stay alive. As long as you’re alive I will survive.”
          I nod and then watch as he runs away.
          When no one returns I sob while grasping James’s hand in mine. “Please, don’t leave me.”
         “I’m not going to leave you.” He promises weakly within my mind.
          His strength was dwindling and at the rate he was losing blood he wouldn’t last much longer.
          Once a vampire lost too much blood they turned feral and then if they still didn’t get blood they would waist away and die.
          It wasn’t often that we heard of a vampire dying, but it happened. It had been the punishment for some who had broken the town’s rules. From what I had heard, it was a painful way to die for a vampire and from where I sat now I could see it was true.
          This was the exact scenario I had been afraid of when James had told me that he’d only seen darkness in his future.
          I feared these would be our last moments together.


Happy Reading!!

Raven K. Asher